WedsSport Rn-05M

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WEDS WedsSport RN-05M - Gloss Black

WedsSport RN-05M is the latest addition to the WedsSport line up, featuring the new Double AMF manufacturing technology and advance AIR-PLUS technology.  The Double AMF technique allows for weight reduction and an increase in strength on both front and rear of the rim barrel without having to add material.  The AIR-PLUS innovation is directly derived from their motor sport racing program where the wheel is capable to carry more air volume and also increase spoke rigidity.

Weds original H-CROSS side cut milling is incorporated into the RN-05M design. The H-CROSS side cut increases the spoke surface area to reduce weight and also increase the rigidity of the spokes.

Available in sizes ranging from 18x7.5-18x10.0 for 5x100, 5x114.3, 5x120 and 5x112 applications.  If you need sizing assistance please contact us, we'd be glad to help!

**Each Wheel Includes 1x Flat Center Cap & 1x Air Valve Stem**

**18x10 size pictured**